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The following individuals and organizations have given Daniel McCarthy their support in the upcoming election. They are asking others to do the same. Join them and DEMAND DANIEL today to end the madness in this state and in Washington. 

Brandon Tatum

Co-Founder of #Blexit
Tatum is a former Tucson, Arizona, police officer. He became internet famous for a viral video about a campaign rally for U.S. President Donald Trump in early 2016, which he attended as a civilian. Following the rally, he argued in the video that he felt unsafe — not because of Trump supporters, but because of those who protested the event. He went viral a second time in September 2017 for a video where he expressed his opposition to players taking a knee during the national anthem at NFL football games.

Michelle Malkin

Blogger, Fox News Contributor, Activist
Michelle Malkin, a strong advocate for President Trump, is a prominent conservative activist, blogger, and a frequent Fox News Contributor. She can see that Arizona needs a strong leader like Daniel. Someone who won't pull any punches from the sissies in Washington, and who will get Arizona back on the right track.

Terrence K. Williams

Actor, Comedian, Commentator
Terrence K. Williams is born actor and comedian, with a passion to perform. Terrence is also one of the hottest viral internet sensations, with an online following nearly a million strong. Terrence was born and raised in Oklahoma City, where he spent the first 15 years of his life growing up as a child of the system, in and out of unstable foster-care homes. After a long day at work, Terrence decided to push the “public” button on his videos, and the next day his normal 2 views turned into over 42 million. Mr. Williams has since dedicated his platform and comedic career to improving the lives of underprivileged children everywhere


Conservative Voter Guide
iVoteAmerica is a conservative voter guide that helps keep RINOs and other swindlers out of office. They research thousands of candidates and pick the ones most likely to uphold conservative values and keep important states red. Click the link icon below to read their article about Daniel! In their eyes, he is the clear choice over McSally, whose "F" Liberty Score makes her no better than the Democrats.

David Farnsworth

Arizona State Senate (R - Dist. 16)
Senator David Farnsworth (R-Dist. 16) was born a United States Citizen in Mexico City, Mexico in 1951. His family returned to Arizona in 1952 where he has been a resident of the Great State of Arizona ever since. Senator Farnsworth is a small business owner and understands the business needs and concerns of Arizona. As an entrepreneur, he is the owner of Farnsworth and Associates (a real estate investing and rental management company) and the former owner of Farnsworth Auto Sales, Farnsworth Auto Recycling and Farnsworth Distributing (Wholesale). He has worked as a licensed real estate and insurance agent, a former supervisor for Home Depot, a former crane and forklift operator for the Snowflake Paper Mill and a former underground diesel mechanic for Hecla Mining Company a copper mine 30 miles south of Casa Grande, AZ. Senator Farnsworth has a passion for good government and protecting the freedoms we enjoy. This passion led him to get involved as a citizen. That's why he supports and endorses Daniel. The Senator previously served as a precinct committeeman in 1986 and as a Representative to the Arizona State House of Representatives from 1995-1996.

Russell Pearce

Former Arizona State Senator
Russell Pearce is a champion of good immigration policy. He was largely responsible for an immigration bill that passed in Arizona in 2010. Senator Pearce made it easier to for Arizona to curb its illegal immigration problem. He sees Daniel as someone who will do the same. DEMAND DANIEL NOW.

Craig "Sawman" Sawyer

Marine Veteran, Former Navy SEAL, owner of Tactical Insider
One of the toughest guys in the country, Craig Sawyer can tell which politicians are wimps and which are strong. He can tell that Daniel won't back down on military and defense issues. Daniel will fight for the second amendment and show those Washington establishment hacks that they can't take our guns or our rights.

Sheriff Richard Mack

Gun Right Activist, Arizona Sheriff
Richard Mack served honorably as the Sheriff of Graham County, AZ. He is best known for his gun rights activism. He sued and defeated the ever overreaching federal government when it passed the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. He proved that it violated our Constitution and our fundamental rights and the Supreme Court agreed. Now, he wants similarly minded people in office. Daniel will fight for the second amendment. He'll stop these ridiculous red flag laws. He's the best choice for AZ.

Jerry Sheridan

Former Chief over Patrol, MCSO; Maricopa County Sheriff Candidate 2020
He was Joe Arpaio's Chief Deputy. That should tell you how tough he is against government encroachment. He sees a like-minded individual in Daniel. Someone who won't take any crap from the federal government, and won't allow them to take over our rights.

We Stand

WE STAND is a local Christian-based Patriot group that STANDS FOR OUR FLAG. We are PRO GOD, PRO-LIFE, PRO LAW ENFORCEMENT, AND PRO CONSTITUTION!! WE STAND fights for and advocates for these values at our State and local level. WE STAND fights tyranny, government over-reach, indoctrination and sexualization of our children, illegal immigration and ANY behavior that goes against our Constitution. I, Karen Wood; founder and President of WE STAND hereby endorse DANIEL MCCARTHY FOR US SENATE. I feel his ULTRA CONSERVATIVE VOICE will be a strong force in the fight to keep our beautiful state RED and to protect our basic LIBERTIES. His values align with our groups as he is defending our Constitutional Amendments when others hide in the shadows and refuse to clearly and consistently defend the Constitution

Josh Feuerstein

TV and Radio Evangelist
Joshua Feuerstein is a 39 year old husband and father to five beautiful kids. A former television and radio evangelist, he has turned to social media with his personal story of redemption and the hope of how Jesus Christ can heal a hurting heart! With a following of over 250,000 people daily and a reach of over 5 million people, Josh pursues the hurting and the helpless with a message of Hope and Love. Josh firmly believes in Daniel's message, and knows he is the candidate to set Arizona on the right path.

Lisa Haven

Independent Christian News Analyst
Lisa Haven is an independent Christian news analyst and one of the top contributors on www.BeforeItsNews.com. She is also author of www.LisaHaven.News and runs her own youtube channel with millions of views. She has also done speaking engagements, written women's bible studies and has spoken on numerous radio broadcasts. Digging deep and finding truth is what she lives for. Her passion is to spread truth no matter where it lies. She covers everything from martial law, to FEMA camps, to end time bible prophecy, to government documents and much more! All that experience has led her to support Daniel, a strong Christian conservative leader who will fight for what is right.


Affiliate of the NFRA
AZRA is a grassroots organization committed to making America and Arizona great again! We believe the Republican party needs reform to bring it back to the party of Lincoln. We believe in smaller government. We believe in fiscal responsibility. We believe that our elected representatives need to be reminded that they are elected to REPRESENT us, that we the people pay their salaries and put them in office to serve the people. In Daniel McCarthy, we are getting a strong republican who respects these values.

Tucson Trump MAGA

Political Meetup Group
This group is a meetup group that supports President Trump 100%. They meet up monthly and have other special events in support of Our President to Keep America Great #KAG2020 . They are separate from any political party/club/group in town. They are #tucsontrumpmaga. They know that Daniel McCarthy is the candidate in this race who REALLY supports Trump, and doesn't just pretend to.

Republicans For National Renewal

Political Advocacy Group
Republicans for National Renewal is dedicated to working to promote a new conservative vision fit for 21st century America. In line with the spirit of the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign, RNR seeks to advance bold ideas with a foundation in American nationalism and populism. They know that Daniel is the only candidate in this race who holds those principles dear.

Trump Nation Tucson

Political Meetup Group
We support President Trump 100%. We meet monthly as well as host other special events in order to promote and encourage the MAGA agenda and candidates.

We know that Daniel is the candidate in this race who truly supports the President and has his back!

Purple for Parents

Education Advocacy Group
Purple for Parents is there to make sure that our children get the best education possible. That starts by supporting teachers and improving our education system. Daniel seems the problems that system has and knows how to fix them. He's a strong supporter of good education and an excellent choice for parents.

Medical Freedom PAC

Political Action Committee
Daniel McCarthy is one of the most solid medical freedom candidates running for the US Senate. He is for your right to choose the medical treatment that you feel best fits your needs. He would like to keep the government out of your life and ensure your freedom and liberty. Click the link at the icon below to see Daniel's Interview with Charlene Bollinger.

Christian Voters Coalition PAC

Political Action Committee
Daniel McCarthy has an impressive set of credentials, and a good number of endorsements from reputable groups. The answers he provided to our candidate survey were tremendous and demonstrate his commitment to uphold the values and principles that have made America the greatest country on God’s earth.

We thank both candidates for being willing to take a stand for Christian Values, and based on their responses, it is clear to us that Daniel McCarthy is a wonderful choice based on the issues that Christians care about most

Purple for Parents

Education Advocacy Group
Purple for Parents is there to make sure that our children get the best education possible. That starts by supporting teachers and improving our education system. Daniel seems the problems that system has and knows how to fix them. He's a strong supporter of good education and an excellent choice for parents.


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