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Tracking Daniel

Traveling all over Arizona.


Tracking Daniel

Traveling all over Arizona.

44,000 miles

Campaign Traveling is temporarily halted until America wakes up to being lied to. Stop the Shutdown and Reopen Arizona!

About Daniel McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy exemplifies the American success story. He and his wife have set the standard for business and entrepreneurial excellence through hard work and dedication to ethical principles. Daniel and Lexi became pillars of the Arizona real estate market  by applying their core life values to their family business. In 2007 their commitment to those values paid off when they were granted the rights to open real estate offices inside Walmart Supercenter locations. 

Daniel and Lexi’s positive disruption of the real estate world eventually led them into a merger with West USA Realty in 2010, and a franchising arrangement which spread their vision to 40 offices around the country. In 2013 the power couple decided it was time to move on to new adventures and opportunities, but they would never leave behind the knowledge they acquired during those formative years. “I learned my first real business lessons from that merger, so it was difficult to leave because that business was like a child to us – still, we knew it was time to leave.”

Daniel’s goal of positive disruption is one which has served him well in business since his early days, and now he believes Arizona’s political leadership could use some positive disruption. This is why Daniel is running for the US Senate. 

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